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14 September 2010

GOP "Fire Pelosi" Bus Tour Making 3 Stops In Georgia

With an eye focused squarely on seizing the majority in the United States House of Representatives, the Republican National Committee is taking its "Fire Pelosi" bus tour across the nation in an attempt to rally support for GOP congressional candidates.

The bus will make three stops in Georgia. Macon and Statesboro, represented by Democrats Jim Marshall and John Barrow, are on the itinerary for September 18th. Albany, which is part of Sanford Bishop's district, will be visited by the bus three days later.

Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele will be part of the tour.

"We are going to be living on that bus, sleeping on that bus, eating on that bus and bringing that bus to your community,” Steele said to a standing ovation of RNC members. “We’re bringing it to your community. We want your candidates on the bus. We want party leaders on the bus. We’re taking it to the streets. We are taking our message back to America we are the people’s party. We are the people’s party. Get on the bus.”

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The three Georgia stops on the "Fire Pelosi" bus tour represents the Republicans' belief that they can pick off Democrats John Barrow, Sanford Bishop and Jim Marshall in the November general election.

Over the last few weeks, political experts have downgraded Bishop's seat from "safe Democrat" to "leans Democrat." Marshall's seat went from "leans Democrat" to "toss-up."