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29 September 2010

Georgia Democratic Party to State House Candidate: No Apologies

Wednesday, the Marietta Daily Journal reported that state House candidate Jason Shepherd demanded the Democratic Party of Georgia apologize for creating an environment of "slash and burn style" politics that led to his wife being insulted on the Democratic-leaning site Blog for Democracy. [Gillooly, Jon (2010-9-29). Shepherd's lawyer calls blog attacks libelous. Marietta Daily Journal. Retrieved on 2010-9-29.]

Below is the state Democratic Party's response:

"Mr. Shepherd sent out a press release today demanding apologies instead of explaining the circumstances behind his arrest for simple battery with physical harm.

“No one should apologize for pointing out that violence against women is unacceptable. The family violence petition in the Superior Court of Cobb County describes Shepherd as trying to strangle his girlfriend with his hands and later with a rope. Under oath, his former girlfriend stated that Shepherd said ‘he would try to poison me or make it look like a suicide and has been thinking about killing me for a while.’

“Even today, he sent out a fundraising email attempting to use his violent past as a means to raise money for his campaign.

“The facts remain that Mr. Shepherd was arrested and cut a deal to enter treatment for violent behavior to avoid prosecution. These facts are not in dispute, and we would like Mr. Shepherd to explain what facts he believes are inaccurate.”

So much for raising the level of political discourse in this state.