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20 September 2010

Gail Buckner Uses Loophole In Election Law To Run For State Representative

Democrat Gail Buckner, who was a candidate for Secretary of State in the July General Primary, is on the ballot again. But this time, Buckner is running for old state House seat as a certified write-in candidate.

Some may ask, how is this possible? Gail Buckner just sought the 2010 Democratic nomination for Secretary of State. Now she's running for state Representative just a few months after losing the nod to Georganna Sinkfield.

Well, Buckner is utilizing a provision in state election law that allows an individual to run for virtually any office except the one that person was a candidate for in the primary.

Here's the relevant code section:

O.C.G.A. 21-2-133

No person shall be eligible as a write-in candidate in a general or special election if such person was a candidate for nomination or election to the same office in the immediately preceding primary.

Buckner isn't running for the "same office." She's running for a different office, and she'll face former Clayton County School Board Member Sandra Scott in November.

Gov. Perdue removed Scott from office two years ago after the Clayton County School System lost its accreditation.