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16 September 2010

Former GOP Agriculture Commissioner Candidate Endorses J.B. Powell

In a Wednesday afternoon press conference, Democratic Agriculture Commissioner candidate J.B. Powell received the endorsement of Republican Darwin Carter.

Carter, a former U.S. Department of Agriculture official during the Reagan Administration, was a candidate for the GOP Agriculture Commissioner nomination. Carter lost the July 20th Republican primary to Gary Black by a very wide margin -- 76% to 24%.

"As a conservative Republican who was appointed by Ronald Reagan to work in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, I know real leadership when I see it, and I believe JB Powell will do a great job of representing conservative principals as Agriculture Commissioner for Georgia," said Darwin Carter.

"I felt that in good moral conscience, I could not support the Republican nominee for Agriculture Commissioner because his ties to special interests as a lobbyist will hurt Georgia farmers and Georgia families. I support JB Powell because he has bold ideas that will help grow Georgia’s agricultural economy and help protect our food safety and I encourage all Reagan conservatives like me to vote for JB Powell this November."

Democrat Powell said he was honored to receive Carter's endorsement.

"We need to move past partisan politics and come together as Georgians, and I look forward to working with Darwin Carter to earn the support of Democratic, Republican and Independent voters this November," Powell said.