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08 September 2010

Democrat State House Candidate Wants Bi-Monthly Debates With GOP Opponent

The following is a press release from the campaign of Democrat Will Avery. Avery is a candidate for state Representative from House District 19. He faces Republican Paulette Braddock in November.

Democratic candidate for Paulding County’s 19th district in the Georgia House of Representatives Will Avery moved forward with his campaign this week, issuing a debate challenge to Republican opponent Paulette Braddock. Avery spoke with Braddock on September 7 inviting her to appear at a series of debates during the months leading to the November election.

Avery proposes a series of bi-monthly debates in September and October. Each debate, as proposed by Avery, would have a theme such as education, the economy, and job creation, and would conclude with an open forum question and answer session with residents of the 19th district. The location and hosts of the debates have not been specified, other than being held in the 19th district and moderated by a non-partisan group, according to Avery’s proposal.

During her conversation with Avery, Ms. Braddock replied that she only will participate in debates during the month of October. In the same conversation, Ms. Braddock added that she would not, however, attend the October 7 debate scheduled by the Paulding Chamber of Commerce. Avery will attend the Chamber debate.

Avery stated, “I encourage Ms. Braddock to participate in honest and open debates about the future of our state. As candidates for the Georgia House of Representatives, and in respect for American democracy, we owe it to District 19 voters to address their concerns in an open forum. During tough economic times such as those which we are experiencing, the people of Paulding County are struggling, and they deserve leaders who will prioritize their interests. I am that leader.”

"Public debates are essential to a democratic election, so that for the public to be informed about the differences of our opinions and positions," Avery said. "The best way for the public to learn about each of the candidates is to have the two people who are running for office answer their questions."

Avery said he is eager to debate the Republican nominee, “I look forward to letting District 19 voters decide who they think best represents the interests of Paulding County’s families, workers, and job creators. Voters have been waiting patiently to compare the candidates, and I propose the first debate be held as soon as possible.”

A formal invitation with Avery’s proposal was extended to Ms. Braddock today in hopes that the Republican candidate will reconsider. The Avery campaign said that Braddock had not yet committed to any debates, and invites the Republican nominee to join Avery in discussing their differences in a public exchange of ideas.