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14 September 2010

Chambliss, Isakson Vote to Repeal ObamaCare's Paperwork Nightmare

Last month, the Associated Press reported on a "paperwork nightmare" contained in the monstrosity known as ObamaCare [Ohlemacher, Stephen (2010-7-31). Paperwork nightmare: A struggle to fix new law. Associated Press. Retrieved on 2010-8-4.].

Long story short, Section 9006 of the new health care law requires business owners to submit a separate 1099 reporting form for every single business-to-business transaction that totals more than $600 in a given year. As a result, 40 million businesses would be saddled with annual reporting burden.

Tuesday, in the United States Senate, an effort was made to lift this burden from the backs of the nation's business owners.

The Senate has failed to repeal a tax provision of the new health care law that even the White House isn't happy with.

The procedural vote was defeated 46-52 and came on an amendment by Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Nebraska, that would have repealed the reporting provision.

Senate fails to repeal tax provision in health law. Associated Press. Retrieved on 2010-9-14.

Georgia Senators Chambliss and Isakson both voted to repeal Section 9006 of ObamaCare [SENATE VOTE NUMBER 231].

Six Democrats, mostly from the south, also voted to repeal.