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14 September 2010

Bibb Co. Commissioner Pits Black Against White In Potential Macon Mayoral Matchups

The old way of thinking is on full display in the middle Georgia city of Macon as a Bibb County Commissioner seems to strongly suggest that a majority black city should have a black mayor.

State Sen. Robert Brown, D-Macon, is telling people he plans to run for mayor of Macon next year.

City Councilwoman Elaine Lucas and former Bibb County Commissioner Albert Billingslea both told The Telegraph on Monday that Brown recently informed them of his intentions.

Billingslea, one of Bibb County’s first two black county commissioners when he and the late William P. Randall were elected in 1980, said he’d prefer not to have two black candidates — Ellis and Brown — in the race against a white incumbent in a majority black city. He said it would probably split the black vote.

Fain, Travis (2010-9-14). Two say Brown to run for Macon mayor. Macon Telegraph. Retrieved on 2010-9-14.

If one, just one white politician came out and suggested that a majority white city deserved a white mayor, the accusations of racism would be hurled faster than I could blink twice. Yet, when a black politician suggests that blacks deserve to be represented by blacks, not a whimper or whisper is heard.

Next month, I turn twenty-seven. And over the past years of my life, I've learned that black politicians can screw black people even worse than white politicians.

I'm black, and I would never vote for a candidate who used their skin tone as a reason why they should be elected. I'm looking for the best candidate regardless of race.