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24 September 2010

Barnes Law Partner Tops Republicans for Roy

Thursday, the gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Roy Barnes rolled out their new initiative called "Republicans for Roy."

"Increasingly, Georgia’s Republicans are contacting the campaign to express their support for Roy," Barnes spokesman Emil Runge said in a press release.

Counted among the top Republicans for Roy is former state Senator Charlie Tanksley (R - Marietta). Interestingly enough, Tanksley and Barnes have a long history together. Below is an excerpt from Tanksley's bio from Barnes Law

In 1984, Charlie and Roy Barnes established the firm of Barnes, Browning, Tanksley and Casurella where Charlie did trial work with Roy Barnes until Barnes was elected Governor in 1998. In January 2008, he returned to full time trial practice making it right for individuals and small businesses at The Barnes Law Group.

In other words, and this is my unfiltered opinion here, it's real easy to be a "Republican for Roy" when Roy is signing your paychecks.