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16 August 2010

RNC Takes Aim at the Georgia Democratic Party

Last week, Democratic National Committee chairman Tim Kaine, appearing on the Fox and Friends morning news show, said, "I can tell you Democrats who kind of are afraid to be who they are, or who are pushing back on their leaders - I think they're crazy."

Gibbs vs. the "Professional Left" (Fox & Friends)

The Republican National Committee quickly jumped on Kaine's comments, and posed the following question to Georgia Democratic Party leaders:

The Democratic Party of Georgia was thrilled to have Tim Kaine as their keynote speaker at a DPG fundraiser earlier this year. Given their fond relationship with the DNC Chairman, do Georgia Democrats agree with Tim Kaine that Roy Barnes is “crazy?” Or is it time for Georgia Democrats to admit that their Party is in disarray?

Short, Michael (2010-8-13). Does DNC Chair Tim Kaine Believe That Roy Barnes Is “Crazy?”. Republican National Committee. Retrieved on 2010-8-16.

For the record, I'm one of those Democrats that Tim Kaine thinks is crazy.