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19 August 2010

On the Ground Zero Mosque, Deal is Right & Barnes is Wrong

The Marietta Daily Journal reported Thursday that the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates have weighed in on the controversy surrounding the construction of a mosque in New York City.

"I believe the 9/11 site is hallowed ground and it is too painful and divisive to build a mosque there," Barnes said.

"As governor, I don't want New Yorkers telling Georgians what to do with our land. I'll return the favor by staying out of their business," Deal said in an e-mail.

Gillooly, Jon (2010-8-19). Gov. candidates differ on mosque near 9/11 site. Marietta Daily Journal. Retrieved on 2010-8-19.

The question of whether a mosque should be built near the World Trade Center site in New York City is not an issue that Georgia's gubernatorial candidates should be talking about. The ground zero mosque is a local issue. It is a New York City issue. Let New York handle it.

This national debate over a building is a distraction. And Barnes or Deal commenting on this distraction won't put a single Georgian back to work, get one more Georgian out of their car and onto public transit or raise Georgia's SAT scores by one point.

But since both Barnes and Deal voiced their opinion on this mosque distraction, allow me to say that Deal is right and Barnes is wrong.