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02 August 2010

Obama Raises $500K For DNC In Atlanta

From the White House Pool Report:

A person who insisted on being identified as a “Democratic source” came over to inform your pool that roughly 200 guests are forking over anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 apiece for a total of $500,000.

The person said she could not explain why that highly sensitive information has to be anonymously sourced in this era of transparency except to say that her organization, which we’re not allowed to identify either but can be safely assumed to be in some fashion or another Democratic in orientation, will not allow her to be on the record and will not itself to be identified either.

Joining POTUS for the fundraiser are Reps. John Lewis, David Scott and Sanford Bishop, Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed and Georgia Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond. Rep. Lewis has already spoken before our arrival and Mayor Reed introduced POTUS, according to our anonymous Democratic informant.

Former Gov. Roy Barnes is still absent, campaigning about 100 miles south of here. Fortunately, we can identify our source on that – it’s the Associated Press, accessed via Google.

Peter Baker
New York Times