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05 August 2010

Lawmaker's Wife Says Secretary of State Made "Tough Decisions" on Education

The wife of Republican state Representative Lee Anderson made some very curious comments to the Augusta Chronicle Wednesday during her endorsement of Nathan Deal for governor.

Educator Donna Anderson, the wife of Georgia Rep. Lee Anderson, of Grovetown, said Handel lacked "guts" when she resigned as secretary of state, leaving appointee Brian Kemp to make tough decisions on education.

McCord, Susan (2010-8-4). Women show support for Deal. Augusta Chronicle. Retrieved on 2010-8-5.

What "tough decisions" did Secretary of State Brian Kemp make on education?

The Official Code of Georgia Annotated describes the powers and duties generally for the Secretary of State (OCGA 45-13-20 through 45-13-29), and I couldn't find any duties related to schools and education in any of those code sections.

So what is Donna Anderson, an educator, talking about? It seems like Mrs. Anderson needs to educate herself on what the Secretary of State actually does before making statements to the press.