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10 August 2010

Isakson Co-Sponsors Bill to Give Small Businesses Relief From Health Care Law

Last week, the Associated Press reported that as a result of our elected representatives in Congress not reading the monstrous health care bill before casting a vote on it, nearly 40 million businesses will be burdened with a "paperwork nightmare" [Ohlemacher, Stephen (2010-7-31). Paperwork nightmare: A struggle to fix new law. Associated Press. Retrieved on 2010-8-4.].

Georgia's junior Senator, Johnny Isakson, has a co-sponsored a bill that will give the country's small businesses some much needed relief from this unnecessary government mandate.

S.3578, the Small Business Paperwork Mandate Elimination Act, would eliminate a massive new tax reporting burden that small businesses face under the health care law, according to Isakson's office.

S.3578 would repeal Section 9006 of the new health care law, which requires business owners to submit a separate 1099 reporting form for every single business-to-business transaction that totals more than $600 in a given year.

Senator Isakson says that as a result of section 9006, small business owners will have to complete and submit 1099 forms for basic businesses expenses, including phone and internet service, shipping costs and office supplies.

Similar legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House, and is co-sponsored by six Georgia Congressmen -- Paul Broun, Phil Gingrey, Jack Kingston, John Linder, Tom Price and Lynn Westmoreland.