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23 August 2010

Fulton Commission Candidate Condemns County Spending Spree During Recession

The following is a news release from the campaign of Steve Broadbent, candidate for Fulton County Commission Chairman:

The Fulton Commission continued its irresponsible spending spree Tuesday by voting to spend $5 Million to build a new community center and aviation museum. Chairman John Eaves helped lead the effort to add new County debt that must be repaid out of the general fund during this time of job losses, rising foreclosures and economic distress.

During their meeting this week, County Commissioners approved $5 million to set aside to develop an aviation museum and community center near Charlie Brown Airport.

“This is absolutely not the time for more government spending and waste,” said Broadbent. “And Eaves spending spree on this community center will cause additional expense to taxpayers down the road because of new operational and labor costs.”

Families are cutting back, and the Chairman Eaves must learn to cut costs too. He doesn’t understand how much families are hurting out there, and that his spending spree will cause more hardship because of the higher taxes he will cause.

Broadbent also took issue with the Commissioners’ vote to dedicate $1.3 million from the county’s general fund for questionable maintenance work on Fulton Industrial Boulevard.

“It appears our Commissioners are turning their back state law by sending these general funds dollars to a project that only benefits one specific part of the county,” Broadbent said. “This week’s votes are just one more example of why we need new leadership on the Commission. We need someone in charge who looks out for taxpayers and homeowners first by cutting spending and saving us money.”