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11 August 2010

Democratic Governors Association: Barnes Won't Need On-The-Job Training

Tuesday evening, the Democratic Governors Association released the following statement in response to the undecided Georgia GOP gubernatorial nomination:

Gov. Jack Markell, chair of the Democratic Governors Association, and Nathan Daschle, the DGA's executive director, issued the following statements tonight regarding the Georgia gubernatorial run-off and how GOP infighting helps Roy Barnes.

"A lifelong resident of Georgia, Roy Barnes has the experience needed to restore confidence in the state's leadership and get Georgia working again," Markell said. "Unlike whoever emerges from the Republican side, Barnes won't need on-the-job training. From day one he'll get to work, ending business as usual and getting the state's economy back on track."

"This is the best possible outcome for Democrats. Even after a vicious run-off, Georgia Republicans couldn't decide between two bad options: a corrupt Congressman or a Capitol insider. Now we'll have even more of the GOP bickering and indecision that have driven Georgia to a standstill. This is just another example of the divisive GOP Civil Wars that have taken their toll on Republicans across the country," Daschle said. "Whoever eventually emerges from this fight won't be a winner. He or she will have to unify a divided and dispirited Republican Party. In the meantime, Roy Barnes, can continue to talk to Georgians about how he will get them back to work and change directions."