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18 August 2010

Deal Ducks Out of a Debate

There's no other way to spin this story.

Gubernatorial rivals Nathan Deal and Roy Barnes won't be squaring off face-to-face in Savannah after all.

The two were expected to share a stage at a tourism forum Wednesday, the first meeting between the two since they won their parties' nominations. Instead, they'll appear one after the other.

Moderator Sonny Dixon, an anchor with WTOC TV, said the format was changed because the Deal campaign "didn't think it was time for a face-to-face confrontation.''

Associated Press (2010-8-18). Expected Debate Between Roy Barnes and Nathan Deal Scrapped. WAGT-TV. Retrieved on 2010-8-18.

With all due respect to the Deal campaign, it is always time for a "face-to-face confrontation."

Nathan Deal wants to be Georgia's next governor. He should always be ready to talk off-the-cuff about the issues facing this state.

Deal doesn't need to duck and hide like a girly-man the way he did down in Savannah, Wednesday morning. Quite frankly, it's time for Nathan Deal to put the big boy pants on, step into the ring with Roy Barnes and take his beating like a man.