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14 July 2010

State Senator Dismisses Fulton County Democratic Party As A "Social Club"

Georgia State Senator Vincent Fort (D - Atlanta) is locked in a tough primary battle with newcomer Graham Balch.

Balch, a teacher at Atlanta's Grady High School, has consistently led Fort in the money race [Walker, Andre (2010-4-7). Graham Balch Raises Nearly $32K In First Quarter Of 2010
. Georgia Politics Unfiltered. Retrieved on 2010-7-14.]. Next Tuesday, Balch hopes to lead Fort in the final vote count for the Democratic nomination in state Senate district 39. However, Vincent Fort is pulling out all the stops to keep a seat in Georgia's upper legislative chamber.

Part of Fort's strategy is to portray Balch as a Republican posing as a Democrat. Fort says that Balch worked for a Republican Congressman and voted in Republican primaries while a resident of Pennsylvania. Two claims that Graham Balch does not dispute.

But since coming to Georgia, Graham Balch has been a model Democrat.

PolitiFact Georgia did the research, and they find that Graham Balch is a voting member of Fulton County's Democratic Party. They find that Graham Balch has contributed money to Democratic-leaning organizations. And they find that Graham Balch consistently voted in the Democratic primary. Based on their research, PolitiFact Georgia declared "barely true" Vincent Fort's claims that Graham Balch is no Democrat [Tharpe, Jim (2010-7-14). Fort contends his opponent is a Republican in Democratic clothing. PolitiFact Georgia. Retrieved on 2010-7-14.].

Yet, despite the facts being against Vincent Fort, he makes a comment that is likely to have many of his biggest supporters in the Democratic Party fuming.

Balch is also an elected member of the Fulton County Democratic Party, according to its Web site. He holds Seat 2 in House District 59.

Fort is unimpressed.

"A corpse could get elected to that position,” Fort said. “It’s a social club."

Earlier this week, the denizens of Blog for Democracy --many of whom are elected members of Fulton County's Democratic Party-- mounted a vigorous defense of state Sen. Fort and his record in office [Catherine (2010-7-12). Senator Fort Primer. Blog for Democracy. Retrieved on 2010-7-14.]. Fort's comments won't be received well.

The folks over at Blog for Democracy are people who have given freely of their time, energy and money to get progressive Democrats elected. And now, they learn the truth; that their biggest hero, Vincent Fort, thinks very little of their work.

Oh boy.