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15 July 2010

Shameful: Rob Teilhet's Telling Lies About Ken Hodges To Win An Election

Remember that so-called slam dunk ad from the Teilhet campaign. Well, it's been fact-checked by PolitiFact Georgia, and the verdict is clear. Teilhet's claim that former Dougherty County District Attorney Ken Hodges "botched" a criminal prosecution is as false as George Washington's wooden teeth.

A mother claims a prosecutor botched a case in which her unarmed son, Kenneth Walker, was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy on a cold roadway in Columbus. The prosecutor was Ken Hodges, now a Democratic candidate for Georgia attorney general. The ad was put together by Rob Teilhet, a Democrat running against Hodges in a bruising campaign for the party's nomination.

The ad ends with a final comment from the dead man's mother: "Mr. Hodges should not be our next attorney general."

Tough words. But are the claims correct?

There is some truth to two of the three claims in the ad. But was this case "badly botched"? So far, there's been no significant evidence to prove that allegation. Additionally, the federal Justice Department decided not to move forward with a criminal civil rights case against Glisson. The feds found there was insufficient evidence to prove Glisson willfully shot Walker. Teilhet said the feds were considering different criteria. Still, we rate Teilhet's claim as False.

Sturgis, Eric (2010-7-15). Candidate says opponent "botched" prosecution of fatal shooting. PolitiFact Georgia. Retrieved on 2010-7-15.

The verdict is in, ladies and gentlemen.

Rob Teilhet is telling lies about Ken Hodges to hide his inexperience from the voters. What a shame.