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30 July 2010

Roy Barnes' Campaign Gets A Freebie For Telling This Falsehood

PolitiFact Georgia called "Liar, liar, pants on fire" on the gubernatorial campaign of Democrat Roy Barnes today.

In their latest fact-check, PolitiFact says that contrary to the claims of Barnes' campaign manager Chris Carpenter, the former Georgia Governor was indeed invited to appear with President Obama Monday in Atlanta.

President Barack Obama comes to Atlanta on Monday for a pair of events -- a Democratic fund-raiser and a speech to the Disabled American Veterans convention.

"We were not invited to the President’s official event," Carpenter wrote. "By the time I learned of the president’s visit, I had to make a difficult decision on how to best utilize Governor Barnes’ time and travel. With less than 100 days until the election, I decided to keep his commitments in Middle and South Georgia."

The people organizing the fund-raiser say he was, and they were the ones sending out the invitations.

PolitiFact Georgia smells smoke on this one. We give Carpenter a Pants On Fire.

Tharpe, Jim (2010-7-30). Barnes campaign says former Democratic governor not invited to Obama's Atlanta visit. PolitiFact. Retrieved on 2010-7-30.

However, this Democrat is willing to give the leader of Georgia's Democratic Party a free pass on this particular falsehood because it just makes sense politically.