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27 July 2010

Republicans Call On Barrow, Bishop & Marshall To Return Tainted Rangel Cash

The National Republican Congressional Committee is stepping up its attacks on three Georgia Democrats, calling on Congressmen Barrow, Bishop and Marshall to return the estimated $68,000 received from embattled New York Congressman Charlie Rangel.

NRCC Communications Director Ken Spain suggested Monday that, despite other Democrats returning more than $602,000 in Rangel campaign contributions, Barrow, Bishop and Marshall so far have no intentions of giving back any of the dirty campaign cash they received from Rangel.

Congressman Charlie Rangel (D - New York) is finding himself in hot water these days after a congressional committee determined that there is "substantial reason to believe that Rangel broke House rules and possibly ran afoul of the law."

Rangel is maintaining his innocence, but that hasn't stopped other Democrats from distancing themselves from him. One, U.S. Representative Betty Sutton (D - Ohio), even called for Rangel to resign.

A hearing of the House ethics committee is scheduled for Thursday.