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14 July 2010

Quote of the Day: the Virgilio Perez Pascoe edition

"Right now, of the 15,000 Hispanics who live here, only about 1,500 are registered voters. Of the 7,000 blacks, only about 2,000 are registered. Of the 8,000 Asians, only about 1,600 are registered. To make a change, you have to change that."

-Former Georgia Democratic Party Constituency Groups Vice Chairman Virgilio Perez Pascoe

Virgilio, who is my friend on Facebook, made those comments in an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article that discussed the emerging diversity in Forsyth County [Scott, Jeffrey (2010-7-12). Minorities move into Forsyth. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-7-14.]. And he's right.

Minorities cannot afford to sit on the sidelines and refrain from participating in the political process. So many times, it is suggested that the government does not work for people of color.

To those who believe that, I say get involved and make it work.

Hold your elected officials accountable, and if necessary, run for office and send those ineffectual politicians home.

Pardon the bad english, but low voter registration and low voter turnout among minorities just ain't gonna cut it.