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28 July 2010

PolitiFact: Erick Erickson Passes Along Falsehoods On Peach Pundit

The fact-checkers at PolitiFact Georgia have done it again.

They've checked the claims made by a public figure, and those claims have proven to be wrong.

The bickering over which Republican candidate for governor is a stronger foe of abortion just won't stop.

. . . Handel's opponent, Nathan Deal, stands accused of voting to fund abortions while he was a U.S. congressman in 1993.

Erick Erickson, an influential blogger and editor of, one of the most popular conservative sites on the Web, was the first to make the claim. It appeared Thursday on and Erickson's, which focuses on state issues. The Macon city councilman supports former Secretary of State Handel's bid.

Erickson's claim crumbles in the face of the facts.

Erickson earns a False.

Mariano, Willoughby (2010-7-28). blogger said Nathan Deal voted to fund abortion. PolitiFact Georgia. Retrieved on 2010-7-28.

In other news, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reports that Georgia has one of the nation's worst economies [Thomas, G. Scott (2010-7-27). Georgia among nation's worst economies. Atlanta Business Chronicle. Retrieved on 2010-7-28.]. It's so nice that the Republicans like Erick Erickson can spend their time focusing on the pressing issue of who is more pro-life when people are out of work.

Note the sarcasm in that last sentence.