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29 July 2010

PolitiFact: Bishop Votes With Pelosi 95% of the Time

The congressional campaign of state Rep. Mike Keown (R - Coolidge) says the guy they hope to beat in November votes with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi most of the time.

The office of U.S. Representative Sanford Bishop (D - Albany) says the Keown campaign's claims are "inaccurate."

The fact-checkers at PolitiFact say Bishop's office isn't telling the truth.

The Washington Post keeps track of votes by each member of Congress. Bishop voted on more items than Pelosi, so we checked every time they voted on the same issue. PolitiFact Georgia reviewed their records and found that Bishop and Pelosi have voted on the same items 97 times since June 2008. The two voted the same way 92 of those 97 times, according to the Post database. The Post database found Pelosi voted with the majority of Democrats every time during this current Congress. Bishop voted with his colleagues in the Democratic Party 97.7 percent of the time during this Congress, the Post found.

PolitiFact Georgia also checked the Web site of OpenCongress, which detailed information of each bill. We found 61 pieces of legislation (we excluded a comparison of how they voted on congratulating the New Orleans Saints for winning the Super Bowl) that both Bishop and Pelosi voted on. The two representatives voted the same way for 58 of those 61 bills. They differed on legislation such as the redeployment of military contractors in May 2007; the DISCLOSE Act, which would require corporations to name the top five donors in their political ads; and a resolution concerning the limitation of liabilities against doctors and hospitals. The OpenCongress database didn't go back further.

Pelosi and Bishop are not ideological twins, but two separate databases show the two Democrats vote similarly on legislation that came before them.

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With Sanford Bishop trying to distance himself from Nancy Pelosi, one has to wonder what her poll numbers are looking like in the 2nd congressional district of Georgia.