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08 July 2010

Note To Dems: Unemployment Remains High In Most Majority Black Counties

Wednesday evening, I received a call from the Roy Barnes gubernatorial campaign asking if they could count on my vote in the July 20th Democratic primary.

My answer to the Barnes telephone canvasser was quite simple.

I'm undecided.

And I'll remain undecided until the Democratic candidates for governor address issue number one for me; jobs.

Almost four months ago, I highlighted the unemployment rate in the twenty Georgia counties that are majority black. In all but five counties, the unemployment numbers exceeded the statewide rate.

That was March. Now, it is July and Georgia Democrats are twelve days away from the general primary. What does the unemployment picture look like in those twenty, majority black counties? Here are the stats:

As I first wrote in March, these twenty counties make up more 25% of the Democratic primary electorate. And in these twenty counties, fifteen of them have unemployment exceeding the state rate for the month of May.

I'm undecided and I'm unsatisfied. I want to know what is the Democrats' plan to lower unemployment and create jobs in these twenty majority black counties?

Thurbert Baker, Roy Barnes, Carl Camon, DuBose Porter, David Poythress and the rest cannot ignore this issue. These guys need to put some meat and potatoes on the table so that Democratic primary voters can know for whom they should cast their ballots.