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15 July 2010

New Poll Shows Barnes, Oxendine Leading With 5 Days Left

Eight years ago, former Governor Roy Barnes held a big lead in all the polls prior to election day 2002. Then, a Democrat-turned-Republican state Senator from Bonaire shocked the world with his victory over Barnes on November 5, 2002.

That's the hope gubernatorial candidates Thurbert Baker, DuBose Porter and David Poythress cling to as yet another poll shows Roy Barnes coasting towards the Democratic Party nomination [Aued, Blake (2010-7-15). Poll: Barnes easy; GOP runoff likely. Athens Banner Herald. Retrieved on 2010-7-15.].

Roy Barnes - 54%
Thurbert Baker - 20%
David Poythress - 7%
DuBose Porter - 3%
Carl Camon - 0%
Undecided - 16%

On the Republican side, the question is not will there be a runoff, but who will be in the runoff.

John Oxendine - 31%
Karen Handel - 23%
Nathan Deal - 18%
Eric Johnson - 6%
Ray McBerry - 2%
Jeff Chapman - 1%
Undecided - 19%

This weekend, the last two debates of the primary season will be televised on WSB-TV and Georgia Public Broadcasting. It's clear what the Democrats trailing Barnes must do; go on the attack. The GOP debate is much different and much more murkier. But if I may venture an opinion, the top two Republicans --Karen Handel and John Oxendine-- better be ready to go on offense and defense.