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27 July 2010

Middle Georgia Mayor Resigns After Being Threatened With A Hoe

An incident in the middle Georgia city of Tennille has once again shown us that hoes are dangerous.

The mayor of Tennille in Washington County resigned last week after a domestic incident involving his wife and another woman.

A woman told officers that the mayor's wife, Clara Lindsey, came to her house and was shouting and beating on her door, asking her husband to come outside.

The report says Clara Lindsey told an officer: "I know the son of a (deleted) is in there and I want him to come out, so I can bust them both upside the head with this hoe."

O'Donnell, Bernard (2010-7-27). Tennille Mayor Resigns After Domestic Incident. WMAZ-TV. Retrieved on 2010-7-27.

I guess Grammy-award winning rapper Ludacris was right when he said, "Hoes are your friends. Hoes are your enemies."