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24 July 2010

Local TV Station Misses The Mark With Focus On Racial Make-Up Of School Board

A local television station in southwest Georgia succumbed to the old way of thinking this week when they posted a story on the racial make-up on the Dougherty County School Board.

Darrell Ealum, who is white, was elected to replace Michael Windom, who is black, in School Board District 6. Ealum faces no opposition in November, and Carol Tharin was the only candidate to take over Emily Jean McAfee's seat.

Emert, Jennifer (2010-7-21). Racial makeup of Dougherty School Board changes. WALB-TV. Retrieved on 2010-7-24.

The Dougherty County Board of Education currently consists of five blacks and two whites. With the election of Darrell Ealum, the southwest Georgia county's school board will be made up of four blacks and three whites.

But I ask, what does the race of a few school board members have to do with the job they'll do for the children in their district.

Quite frankly, as an African-American, I could care less about having someone who shares my skin color in office.

It's not about race. It's not about electing more blacks to office. It's about the community, and it is about electing the best candidate --regardless of their race-- who will best serve their community and their constituents.

That's what WALB-TV misses in its article that focuses on the racial composition of the Dougherty County School Board.