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22 July 2010

Honest Question: Will Barnes Appear With Obama Next Month?

By now, most readers of this site know what I think of Barack Obama coming to Georgia. I think he should stay out of this state. I think President Obama does more harm than good to Democrats in this state by showing up here, but AJC Political Insider Jim Galloway reports that the President is coming anyway [Galloway, Jim (2010-7-21). President Barack Obama headed for Atlanta. Political Insider. Retrieved on 2010-7-22.].

President Obama is headlining what is being billed as a "special luncheon" next month, where entry will set an individual back at least $1,000

That's a lot of money for some lunch.

The fundraiser is being organized by longtime Democratic Party fundraiser Kristin Oblander, who's worked for the state Democratic Party, former gubernatorial candidate DuBose Porter and Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Michael Thurmond among others.

The honest question here is if Democratic gubernatorial nominee Roy Barnes will appear with Obama at this special luncheon on August 2nd.

One would hope that Barnes would follow the lead of 8th district Congressman Jim Marshall who did not endorse Obama in 2008 [Associated Press (2008-6-12). Not all Democrats going for Obama. MSNBC. Retrieved on 2010-7-22.], and goes to great lengths to stress that he's an independent Democrat who puts the interests of his constituents ahead of his political party.

If not, the Georgia Republican Party has about $2.5 million sitting in the bank ready to widely distribute a photo of Barnes and Obama together smiling at a $1,000 "special luncheon" to the voters with the inevitable caption:

"Roy Barnes and Barack Obama are out of touch with Georgia's conservative values. Vote Republican in November."