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09 July 2010

Honest Question: When Will Teilhet Apologize For Calling Hodges A Liar?

Former Atlanta Journal-Constitution investigative reporter Jim Walls today finally put to rest the issue of whether former United Nations Ambassador Andrew Young endorsed Democrat Ken Hodges for state attorney general.

Former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young confirmed just now that he supports both Ken Hodges and Rob Teilhet to be Georgia’s next attorney general.

Young said he had already expressed his support for Hodges when he met with Teilhet, who impressed him with his thoughtfulness. “I said, ‘I’ve already endorsed Hodges. What I’ll do to balance it is give you a check.’” he said.

So, does Young have a problem with Hodges claiming his endorsement?

“I think he has that right,” Young said. “I would not complain about that.”

Walls, Jim (2010-7-9). Andy Young: I endorse both Dems running for attorney general. Atlanta Unfiltered. Retrieved on 2010-7-9.

Two days ago, the Rob Teilhet campaign claimed that Ken Hodges was lying about endorsements.

"You don't gain the trust of voters by lying to them," said Teilhet campaign manager Rebecca DeHart. "Georgia has had its fair share of politicians who have had no problem pulling the wool over the eyes of the voter. We don't need another one."

We now know that, based on Jim Walls' investigative reporting, Ken Hodges was telling the truth. So, one has to wonder when Rob Teilhet will apologize for calling Hodges a liar?

Sunday, Ken Hodges and Rob Teilhet will meet in the Atlanta Press Club debate live on Georgia Public Broadcasting. What an excellent opportunity for Teilhet to issue a public apology to his competitor in the Democratic primary.