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14 July 2010

Honest Question: How Does Labeling The Tea Party "Racist" Advance Colored People

CBS News is reporting that Tuesday, the NAACP passed a resolution "condemning racism in the Tea Party movement." [Montopoli, Brian (2010-7-13). NAACP Passes Tea Party Racism Resolution. CBS News. Retrieved on 2010-7-14.]

Allow me to be unfiltered for a second here:

Since the passage of the voting rights act in 1965, the NAACP has done little to advance colored people.

The once-great organization, to pull a phrase from First Lady Michelle Obama's speech to the 2010 NAACP convention, has rested on its laurels. Even worse, they've spent their time raising hay on issues that don't matter at the end of the day.


What does an apology for slavery matter when colored folks don't have jobs?

What does a resolution condemning certain racist elements in the tea party movement matter when there is an achievement gap between black students and white students?

If the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People truly desires to regain relevance, then their time is best spent focusing on issues that would certainly contribute to the advancement of colored people.

And two biggest issues for colored people, for all people, are jobs and education.

Focus on that, NAACP. Until then, don't expect an application for membership from this colored person.