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14 July 2010

Hodges Hits The Airwaves With New Radio Spot

"Justice For All People"

Below is the text of the ad -

MARY JENKINS: I am Mary Jenkins from Albany, Georgia. I’m not here to talk about Ken the candidate, but Ken the man.

VO: Mary’s grandson was gunned down outside a school dance. Ken Hodges sought justice for his murder.

MARY JENKINS: He went after it with all that he had within him to make sure there was a conviction. I am a part of the civil rights era when blacks and whites were separate. And, so it never occurred to me that a white man would be coming to my defense in a case against someone who had killed my grandson. He was very compassionate. He is a person who, who looks for justice for all people. He wasn’t just a prosecutor, he was a friend.

VO: There’s a reason Ambassador Andy Young, Leah Ward Sears, Civil Rights Activist Lonnie King, and Gwen Keyes Fleming have all endorsed Ken Hodges to be our next Attorney General – his passion for justice and his compassion for every victim. Paid for by Georgians for Hodges