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19 July 2010

The Hill: Poor Image Of Congress May Harm Deal's Electoral Prospects

A recent poll revealed that, among Georgians, 60% disapprove of Congress's job performance [Yount, Emily (2010-7-17). 2010 Georgia Newspaper Partnership Poll Results. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-7-18.].

Until just a few months ago, Republican gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal was a member of the Congress that's gotten such low marks from the public.

With only a day left until the July 20th GOP primary, The Hill newspaper suggests that Deal's service in such a poorly received Congress may cost him a spot in the expected Republican primary runoff.

Congressional experience has been a boon in the past for lawmakers running in gubernatorial races, according to Jennifer Duffy, an analyst with The Cook Political Report.

"Now that experience is a liability because of Congress’s poor image," she said.

Georgia Republican Nathan Deal will be the next former lawmaker to test voters’ anti-Washington mood.

Observers say he may not make the expected runoff between the top two finishers in next Tuesday’s vote. His third-place position in the race comes despite leaving Congress in the hopes of improving his chances in the primary.

Dolven, Taylor (2010-7-16). Congress a liability for lawmakers campaigning for governor’s office. The Hill. Retrieved on 2010-7-19.

A poll released by the Georgia Newspaper Partnership and Mason-Dixon shows former Congressman Deal trailing state Insurance Commissioner by two points in the race for second place in the GOP gubernatorial primary. Former Secretary of State Karen Handel leads the Republican field with 29% in the survey.