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23 July 2010

Georgia Native Nick Ayers Named One Of 50 Politicos To Watch

Meet Nick Ayers.

He's a young, Republican political operative who helped Governor Sonny Perdue win an upset victory over former Governor Roy Barnes in the 2002 gubernatorial election [Mahoney, Ryan (2006-4-28). Ayers a rising star in Ga.'s Republican Party. Atlanta Business Chronicle. Retrieved on 2010-7-23.]. Ayers followed that win up with a Perdue landslide in 2006 over former Lt. Governor Mark Taylor. Now he's executive director of the Republican Governors Association, and in a position to orchestrate another win over Barnes this fall.

Because of this, and many other reasons, Politico named Ayers to its annual list of 50 politicos to watch.

Here's an excerpt:

Only one man can boast that he has had a role in the election or reelection effort of almost every GOP governor, which matters since several governors are eyeing 2012 bids: Nick Ayers, the 27-year-old executive director of the Republican Governors Association. As the top strategist at the RGA during the 2008 and 2010 cycles, Ayers can also tout this November that he has worked on a race in every state in the nation.

He has also helped to elect some of the party’s top prospects, including running a third-party ad campaign on behalf of Bobby Jindal’s bid for governor of Louisiana in 2007, as well as aiding the more recent victories of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. What’s more, Ayers is currently working with two top 2012 presidential prospects: Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, the current RGA chairman, and Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, the group’s vice chairman.

Toeplitz, Shira (2010-7-23). Top 2012 staffer gets. Politico. Retrieved on 2010-7-23.

Not mentioned in the Politico piece on Ayers is the fact that he's not a college graduate.

That must really burn the biscuits of those educational elitists out there, both Democrats and Republicans, that they keep getting beat by someone without a college degree.

Sometimes one has to recognize talent, and Nick Ayers is certainly talent. He's the one GOP strategist who can beat Barnes in the fall. And that's why the 2010 campaign will be no cakewalk for Georgia's last Democratic governor.