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13 July 2010

Georgia Gang Panelist Calls Teilhet Ad "Shameless Political Pandering"

By now, most are familiar with the campaign commercial from attorney general candidate Rob Teilhet. The TV spot is being described as a "slam dunk by some, but others are calling it shameless political pandering that should be examined to see if there's any real truth behind it.

This past Sunday, two panelists on the Fox 5 Atlanta public affairs program, The Georgia Gang, questioned the veracity of Teilhet's claims.

The Georgia Gang Discusses Teilhet TV Spot

"It's one of those things that the PolitiFact in the AJC needs to take a look at and see if there's any real truth behind it," panelist Jeff Dickerson said. ". . . he submitted all of the evidence to the grand jury, the grand jury came back with a no bill of indictment, he tried to prosecute this case to the fullest extent. The ad says that there was no communication when in fact he and his assistant, who was African-American, visited with the victim's mother several times, so I'm not so sure that there's a lot of truth to this ad."

Another Georgia Gang panelist, Phil Kent, echoed the sentiments of Jeff Dickerson.

"It was a ploy by Teilhet, just shameless pandering to the African-American vote," Kent said.