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24 July 2010

General Primary Produces 11 New State Democratic Committee Members

Article II, Section 4, paragraph three of the Charter of the Democratic Party of Georgia states the following:

Ex-officio Members of the State Committee shall be the most recent non-elected State Party nominees for the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State School Superintendent, Commissioner of Insurance, Commissioner of Agriculture, Commissioner of Labor, Public Service Commissioner, and United States House and Senate, and; if Democrats, Speaker and Speaker Pro Tem of the State House of Representatives and the President Pro Tem of the State Senate; the Democratic leader of both Houses of the General Assembly; a male Young Democrat and a female Young Democrat, both selected by the Young Democrats of Georgia; and an elected member of a municipal governing body and an elected member of a county governing body appointed by the State Chair.

Win, lose or draw, the following Democratic nominees will be ex-officio members of the state Democratic committee with a full vote on all Georgia Democratic Party affairs.
  • Roy Barnes;
  • Carol Porter;
  • Ken Hodges;
  • Joe Martin;
  • Mary Squires;
  • J.B. Powell;
  • Darryl Hicks;
  • Keith Moffett;
  • Oscar Harris;
  • Frank Saunders; and
  • Russell Edwards
Current officeholders Thurbert Baker and Tommy Irvin will lose their state committee seats once their term in office concludes.

Should he not run for another term as First Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, Democratic U.S. Senate nominee Michael Thurmond will serve on the state Democratic committee until 2014.

Once the House Democratic Caucus elects a new leader, DuBose Porter will lose his seat on the state Democratic committee.