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30 July 2010

Democrats Lose Seat In State Senate Without A Single Vote Being Cast

The political pickle for Democrats in Georgia's 23rd state Senate district continues as an "independent" candidate drafted into the race by the state Democratic Party withdrew from the election due to family reasons.

After collecting some 6,752 signatures to run as an independent candidate for Georgia senate District 23, Chuck Pardue announced today he was withdrawing from the race.

Pardue cited family reasons for his need to leave the race, which leaves Republican qualifier Jesse Stone with no opposition on the Nov. 2 ballot.

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Pardue entered the election for senator from the 23rd district after Democrat Leon Garvin was disqualified for failing to meet the residency requirements.

Even though Pardue was running as an independent, the Democratic Party of Georgia recognized him as the de facto nominee and assisted Pardue in obtaining the requisite signatures for ballot access.

It was expected that Pardue would have caucused with Senate Democrats, and qualified as a Democrat in 2012, if he had won this November. Now, with Pardue's withdrawal, it appears that Democrats will lose a seat in state Senate before a single vote is cast.

Matthew Carrothers, a spokesman with the Secretary of State's office, says there is no provision for replacing an independent on the ballot who withdraws their candidacy.