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30 July 2010

Democratic Ticket On Illegal Immigration: We'll Do The Job If The Feds Won't

Roy Barnes and Carol Porter, the two candidates atop the Democratic ticket this fall, talked common sense Thursday in response to a federal judge's ruling that invalidated certain portions of the Arizona state law that targeted illegal immigration.

Democratic Gubernatorial nominee Roy Barnes' campaign replied that, "When the federal government fails to protect our borders, states like Georgia are forced to deal with the ramifications of illegal immigration."

The former Governor's statement also went on to say, "I would sign a bill that had some of those elements, but I would want to make sure it was not a racially profiling bill."

"Arizona is the first state to force needed action," [Democratic Lt. Governor nominee Carol Porter] said, "I think it will be unfortunate and a continued waste of taxpayer time and money to have 50 individual state policies, but if the Federal Government does not step up, I am willing to take it there."

Crawley, Paul (2010-7-29). Nearly All of Georgia's Major Candidates Support Arizona Style Immigration Law. WXIA-TV. Retrieved on 2010-7-30.

I strongly believe that in the absence of leadership from the federal government, it is up to the states to fill that vacuum.

That's what the state of Arizona did with its immigration law, and that is what Georgia's Democratic standard bearers appear to be suggesting in this state.

We have to secure the borders.

We have to discourage employers from hiring illegals.

And we have to make sure that those folks who want to come to America are doing it the right way; the legal way.