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13 July 2010

Carol Porter Feels As If She's Being Alvin Greene'd By Primary Opponent

In case you missed it, Monday night, WSB-TV (Atlanta) ran a story on the mysterious campaign of Democrat Tricia Carpenter-McCracken.

McCracken, a resident of Augusta, qualified to run in the Democratic primary for Lt. Governor. Carol Porter, the wife of gubernatorial candidate DuBose Porter, entered the Democratic Lt. Governor primary as well.

Porter, who will be listed second on the ballot in alphabetical order behind McCracken, told WSB reporter Lori Geary that she feels as if she's being Alvin Greene'd here in Georgia.

WSB-TV Does Report On Mysterious Statewide Candidate

Despite having no website and no semblance of a campaign, polls show McCracken racking up 22% of the vote with 30% remaining undecided [SOURCE: SurveyUSA Democratic Lt. Governor Primary Poll].

Porter doesn't appear to be taking McCracken's curious candidacy lightly though. Recently, a robo-call from Porter urged Democratic voters to back her in the July 20th primary.