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04 June 2010

State Dems: Isakson & The GOP Can't Adapt

Thursday, the Augusta Chronicle published an interview with U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R - Georgia) featuring the Republican's views on the issue of off-shore drilling.

Sen. Johnny Isakson still favors oil exploration off Georgia's coast, even in the wake of a growing spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

"I am a proponent of the United States becoming energy independent ... of exploring its own natural resources, which includes offshore drilling, but it should be responsible, and the consideration for the environment and the economy has to be paramount," he said.

. . .he's convinced adequate safeguards can protect Georgia's coastline should drilling be tried here as a new revenue source for the state.

Jones, Walter (2010-6-3). Sen. Isakson remains open to drilling off coast. Augusta Chronicle. Retrieved on 2010-6-4.

Democratic Party of Georgia spokesman Eric Gray was asked about Isakson's comments and had the following to say:

"I'm hopeful that someone will do a video montage of our GOP politicians chanting 'drill baby drill'. I'd love for them to explain their position given current events.

"Isakson's answer would be fine in 1990. It's a new world now and he (and the GOP) can't adapt."

Drill, baby drill has led to spill, baby spill in the Gulf of Mexico. How anyone could possibly continue to push off-shore drilling is unfathomable, but the junior Senator from Georgia has done it.

America and the State of Georgia needs to invest in new energy, renewable energy and reduce its reliance on fossil fuels. After all, who can look at this picture and honestly say the juice is worth the squeeze.

(Photo courtesy the Huffington Post)