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10 June 2010

State Dem Chief Scolded By Savannah Morning News Editorial Board

Much like the Energizer bunny, this story just keeps going and going and going. . .

Thursday, the Savannah Morning News editorial board weighed in on the controversy surrounding the memo from state Democratic Party chairman Jane Kidd cautioning party members against publicly criticizing a Democrat with opposition in the primary election.

Ms. Kidd recently sent a letter to Democratic party chairmen in the counties represented by U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Savannah, who faces a rematch in the July 20 party primary against former state senator Regina Thomas of Savannah. In it, she essentially asks them to hold their tongues.

It's fine for her to ask. But party loyalty goes only so far.

Instead of shutting down this diversity of opinion this election cycle, Ms. Kidd would be wise to embrace it and not play enforcer.

Good luck, Ms. Kidd. Savannah Morning News. Retrieved on 2010-6-10.

If former state Sen. Regina Thomas had a good campaign team in place, she could easily turn this faux pas into a fundraising tool. She could also use this controversy to portray herself as an outsider taking on the establishment. But Sen. Thomas doesn't have a good campaign team in place, so all that is a moot point.