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16 June 2010

South Fulton Gets Hosed By The City Of Atlanta

It's not enough that south Fulton County is continuing to pay for Atlanta's sewer system.

It's not enough that most of the land in the south Fulton city of College Park is owned by the City of Atlanta.

Now comes news that south Fulton is poised to become home to Atlanta's prisoners.

On Wednesday, Reed and his staff will present a budget amendment to the City Council finance committee proposing that the city use its jail for another 90 days and then lease daily bed space for 200 prisoners from South Fulton Municipal Regional Jail in Union City, beginning on Oct. 1, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has learned. That would save the city $2.5 million.

The city spends $20.1 million per year on the jail and partnering with South Fulton would bring the cost down to $17.4 million per year. Under the deal with South Fulton, the city would have guaranteed space for at least 125 inmates per day, and expects to send 200-225.

Suggs, Ernie (2010-6-15). Atlanta considers deal to move prisoners to South Fulton. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-6-16.

South Fulton County is like Atlanta's debris-riddled backyard -- overgrown and neglected. And it's downright shameful that the political leaders in south Fulton don't have the strength or will to stand up to those jerks.

That, my friends, is the biggest difference between north Fulton and south Fulton. South Fulton regularly takes crap from Atlanta while north Fulton raises their middle-finger everyday to Georgia's capital city.