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09 June 2010

Senator Cecil Staton Endorses Handel for Governor

The gubernatorial campaign of Republican Karen Handel announced Monday that state Senator Cecil Staton (R - Macon) endorsed Handel for governor. Staton's endorsement makes 74 elected officials across Georgia who are backing Karen Handel in the July 20th GOP primary.

Below is Sen. Staton's statement endorsing Handel:

Karen’s personal story is a reflection of the promise of America. Karen’s life is an example of the positive results of hard work, strong values, and a solid faith. She is a hard worker who lives out true conservative values. Her integrity is beyond question. As the Senator who sponsored Georgia’s photo identification requirement for voting, I will always be grateful for her leadership as Secretary of State, her willingness to fight to insure that our elections are free and fair for all Georgians. I have watched her tenacity and her hard work. But most of all, I endorse her because I believe she is the only candidate who can lead Republicans to defeat the Democrats this fall. This is of enormous importance for Georgia at this critical time in our nation’s history. I am honored to endorse Karen Handel, who will be the next Governor of Georgia.