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23 June 2010

Reverse Racism, John Eaves, Fulton County & The Legacy Of Bull Connor

Over forty years ago, a young black girl in Macon, Georgia had to read a section from the United States Constitution before she could add her name to the roll of registered Bibb County voters.

The young black girl I'm talking about is my mother, Betty Walker; and every time I lay eyes on that lady, I'm reminded that it was not too long ago when barriers were put up to prevent blacks from fully participating in the political process.

Four decades ago, the white political establishment did everything in their power to keep blacks from power. Now, four decades later, we are seeing the reverse -- the black political establishment doing all in its power to keep whites from power.

Mary Norwood, running as an independent candidate for Fulton County Commission chairman, says she has sued Democratic incumbent John Eaves — for allegedly using a picayune point of law to sabotage her campaign.

Norwood needs 22,000 or so signatures – 5 percent of Fulton County’s registered voters — by mid-July in order to have her name placed on the November ballot.

Norwood says that Eaves, relying on what she calls a “hyper-technical interpretation of the law,” is insisting that the word “Fulton” be handwritten, by each signer, along with a street address. Eaves is being represented by former congressman Buddy Darden of Marietta, with the influential firm of McKenna Long & Aldridge.

Galloway, Jim (2010-6-22). Political Insider Your morning jolt: Mary Norwood sues John Eaves over demand for handwritten ‘Fultons’. Political Insider (AJC). Retrieved on 2010-6-23.

I don't think that it is too far of a stretch to say that this chickenshit move by John Eaves, who is black, might be racially motivated. After all, this is the same John Eaves who approved and ran the campaign ad alleging that a vote for another white politician would precipitate a return to the days of water hoses, dogs, billy clubs and Bull Connor.

Back to the subject at hand though, if it was wrong when whites did everything (including employing the use of technicalities) they could to keep blacks from engaging fully in the political process, what makes John Eaves and his cronies think it's right when blacks do it to whites?