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11 June 2010

North GA District Attorney Candidate May Have Some Residency Issues

The tip line sent word Thursday evening that a candidate for district attorney in the Enotah Judicial Circuit may have some residency issues.

Republican William Jeffrey "Jeff" Langley is seeking his Party's nomination for D.A. this July. Langley received the endorsement of outgoing district attorney Stan Gunter and state Rep. Stephen Allison.

Here's the issue with Langley's candidacy:

A search of tax records in the four counties that constitute the Enotah Judicial Circuit shows no evidence of Langley owning property there. Fannin County property records, however, do show that Jeff Langley owns a home there. Fannin County is part of the neighboring Appalachin Judicial Circuit.

In addition, Jeff Langley's record in the voter file shows him having a registered address in Fannin County (pictured at left).

The Qualifications and Disqualifications for Holding State or County Elective Office in Georgia guide provided by the Secretary of State details the requirements for an individual to hold the office of district attorney. Among those requirements is a provision that says a D.A. "must permanently reside in the circuit at the time of election or appointment."

The section goes on to read that "the word 'election' as it appears in these provisions means the day votes are cast, not the day when they are finally tabulated and certified by the secretary of state."

In other words, Jeff Langley has until November 2nd to move into the Enotah Judicial Circuit or else he's going to be disqualified from holding that office should he make it past the July primary election.