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03 June 2010

No Racial Bias Here, Fulton Just Wants Sandy Springs' $400K Check

Once again, Sandy Springs is proving they can do it better and Fulton County is standing in the way of progress.

Sandy Springs, which began contracting government services to the private sector after its incorporation in 2005, found an outside firm to handle its November election for $250,000. City leaders backed away when it was determined the Justice Department couldn't review the proposal in time.

Sandy Springs paid $400,000 for Fulton County to run the election.

After an unsuccessful attempt to run its own elections [...], Sandy Springs requested the U.S. Justice Department exempt it from federal oversight. . .

Hunt, April (2010-6-2). Fulton, Sandy Springs at odds over Voting Rights Act. Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Retrieved on 2010-6-3.

Fulton County Commissioner Chairman John Eaves and Morehouse political science professor Hasan Crockett are both claiming racial bias in Sandy Springs' attempt to "bail out" of voting rights act scrutiny. But the only color at work here is green.

Fulton County wants to milk that Sandy Springs cash cow as long as they can and for as much as they can. This discussion about race and racial bias is nothing but a distraction from the real issue -- money.