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16 June 2010

Ken Edelstein Gets Answers To The Offshore Drilling Question

Late last week, I highlighted a resolution adopted by the Georgia General Assembly which affirmed lawmakers' support for drilling off the state's coast. Of the four gubernatorial candidates who were in the legislature when the resolution was passed, three --Jeff Chapman, Eric Johnson and DuBose Porter-- voted for it.

In light of the continuing oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I wondered aloud if the three gubernatorial candidates voting for H.R. 338 would continue their support of offshore drilling in this state. Ken Edelstein, former editor of Creative Loafing, got an answer to that question from one candidate, Democrat DuBose Porter:

In statements I gathered over the last few days, former state House Minority Leader DuBose Porter (right) was the most unequivocal in his opposition to drilling. “DuBose Porter is opposed to off shore drilling on the Georgia coast,” campaign spokesman Matt Caseman said.

Edelstein, Ken (2010-6-15). 3 Dems vs. offshore drilling, but Barnes has no comment. My Green Atl. Retrieved on 2010-6-16.

Edelstein also noted in a post last week that Republican Eric Johnson still wants to drill, baby, drill.