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17 June 2010

Isakson Apologizes After Bloggers Hold His Feet To The Fire

It started so innocently with some off-the-cuffs remarks by Georgia's junior Senator, Johnny Isakson.

"She did a good job," Isakson said of Nevada Republican U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle's remarks to GOP Senators this week. "She's an articulate lady...This was an introduction. It wasn't the kind of speech you would give to the unwashed back home, she was talking to her colleagues."

Fox News reported the remarks and then suddenly, Think Progress and Georgia Liberal jumped all over the Isakson gaffe.

"Sen. Isakson, please address your apology letter to the people of Georgia," Steve at Georgia Liberal wrote.

Then more blogs jumped on the story. Both here and on the national blog, I wrote, "It's nice to know what Sen. Isakson really thinks of his constituents (myself included) back home. We'll see what the so-called 'unwashed' in Georgia have to say in November."

A day and at least four blog posts later, Sen. Isakson has apologized.

Amid rising heat over recent comments in which he referred to voters as the "unwashed," Sen. Johnny Isakson issued an apology Thursday, saying he meant no harm.

"It was a poor choice of words," Isakson said in a statement Thursday. "I didn't mean anything derogatory by it, and I sincerely apologize."

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I guess that shows that we bloggers swing that kind of lumber around here.