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10 June 2010

Honest Question: Do Chapman, Johnson, Porter, Et Al. Still Back Offshore Drilling?

Since April, oil has been spilling into the Gulf of Mexico tarnishing the environment and having an untold economic impact on the industries based in the area. As the oil spill became progressively worse, the American mood towards off-shore drilling also progressively soured.

Before the spill occurred, 70 percent favored increased drilling and that number dropped in May, after the BP and Transocean oil rig blew up and sank on April 20, according to an April Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll.

In a new USA Today/Gallup poll, 52 percent of registered voters support drilling, suggesting support has slipped further as the crisis has been protracted over the past six weeks.

Needham, Vicki (2010-5-30). Americans split on offshore drilling, poll says. The Hill. Retrieved on 2010-6-10.

Last year, the Georgia General Assembly adopted House Resolution 338; a resolution which includes language declaring that "the United States has extracted large supplies of oil and natural gas along the Gulf of Mexico for decades, in the vast majority of instances without harm to the environment thanks to advances in technology and more stringent safety requirements."

The resolution goes on to read, "the extraction of oil and natural gas from the Georgia coast would help both Georgia and the United States move toward the goal of energy independence," and concludes as follows:

"NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF GEORGIA that the members thereof express their support for development of Georgia's energy resources, both on land and offshore, in a balanced manner which promotes this state's economy and energy independence while respecting the natural environment and protecting it for future generations."

House Resolution 338 received 44 "Yea" votes in the state Senate and 158 "Yea" votes in the state House. Among those voting for H.R.338 were state Sen. Jeff Chapman, former state Sen. Eric Johnson and state Rep. DuBose Porter. These three individuals are seeking their party's gubernatorial nomination this July, and in light of the worsening mess in the Gulf of Mexico, I have to ask:

Do you regret the your "Yes" vote in favor of drilling off the coast of Georgia?

Given the chance, would you vote for H.R.338 again?

And finally, do you continue to support off-shore drilling?