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15 June 2010

Democratic State School Candidate Says Joe Martin Is A Two-Time Loser

Democrat Brian Westlake is vying for his Party's nomination in the state school superintendent race. Westlake's competitors in the July 20th primary are former Cobb County school teacher Beth Farokhi and former Atlanta School Board President Joe Martin.

Monday, the Westlake campaign set its sights on the biggest fish in the pond with a news release chiding Joe Martin for his apparent support of Gov. Perdue's proposal to make the state school superintendent an appointed position.

"Mr. Martin agrees with Republican Governor Sonny Perdue, who wants to appoint this position instead of leaving it up to you, the voter," Westlake said.

"It is obvious why Mr. Martin would want this position to be appointed. He has already lost this race twice. The Democratic Party in Georgia needs to elect someone who can relate to the teachers in Georgia and knows the issues teachers and students face—not a career candidate who has never been a classroom teacher," Westlake continued.

That's certainly one way to make a statement. Things are heating up, folks.

[UPDATE]: The Associated Press is reporting that Joe Martin was endorsed by the Georgia Association of Educators late Monday [Associated Press (2010-6-14). Ga. teacher group not making gubernatorial pick. Gainesville Times. Retrieved on 2010-6-15.]