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16 June 2010

Dear Senator Isakson, We Are Not "Unwashed." Love, The People of Georgia

Georgia Liberal & Think Progress are on to something big today.

Both sites are highlighting a major gaffe made by U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R - Georgia) during his meeting with Nevada GOP Senate nominee Sharron Angle.

Republicans, who heard Angle's presentation were, to a letter, impressed. "She said she won, she needed money, and wanted to be a part of the team and was glad to be here today," said Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-GA, who said Ensign also showed a recent Rasmussen poll showing Angle up 11 points against Reid. "She did a good job. She's an articulate lady...This was an introduction. It wasn't the kind of speech you would give to the unwashed back home, she was talking to her colleagues," Isakson recounted.

Turner, Trish (2010-6-15). Reid Opponent Shuns Spotlight, Impresses Colleagues. The Speaker's Lobby (Fox News). Retrieved on 2010-6-16. defines "unwashed" as:

"pertaining to or characteristic of the common people; untutored, unsophisticated, or ignorant; an ignorant or lower-class group; rabble"

And of course, a gaffe is defined as what happens when a politician tells the truth.

It's nice to know what Sen. Isakson really thinks of his constituents (myself included) back home. We'll see what the so-called "unwashed" in Georgia have to say in November.